DuPont CANOPY Herbicide Branding Case Study

 Branding Case Study


To soybean growers, only two weeds matter. Cocklebur. And velvetleaf. If you're a herbicide, you darn well better stop those weeds. Dead in their tracks. Or you'll be an afterthought. Fortunately, CANOPY herbicide from DuPont did an exceptional job on both. Plus a broad spectrum of other troublesome weeds.

However, going up against an established market leader would require something incredibly simple. Incredibly bold. And incredibly visceral. In order to cut through, command attention and motivate action. The solution? Simple, powerful analogies.

And this campaign, which ran over three years, with a dozen different executions, left no doubt in the grower's mind that CANOPY was the sure-fire choice to eliminate them. Which, in turn, boosted sales 21%.


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