GE Plastics LEXGUARD Bullet-Resistant DM Case Study

Direct Marketing Case Study


Gas stations. Convenience stores. Ticket offices. These and many other retail businesses where security can be a challenge can benefit greatly from a see-through security solution that maintains a connection with customers, while protecting employees.

A transparent solution that is bullet-resistant. Unfortunately, bullet-resistant glass and bullet-resistant acrylic are, in two key respects, actually more dangerous than nothing at all.

That's because, while both may stop a bullet, fragments of the glass or acrylic material, known as spall, can shatter and fly at high velocity off the employee side of the barrier, posing a very real injury rick for the employee standing on that side, at best, causing cuts and scraps, at worst, blinding  the person in its path.

Even worse, spall weakens the bullet-resistant barrier considerably, so, while bullet-resistant glass or acrylic barriers may stop one bullet, they seldom stop more than one. And how many one bullet guns are there? So these barriers create a false sense of security at best.

LEXGUARD bullet-resistanbt laminate, from General Electric Plastics, on the other hand, prevents spall, and is proven to stop four  or more bullets, even in a tight grouping.

One look at the pictures in this direct  campaign makes these points clearly. And dramatically. Making choosing any other product really bad business. Response fr this campaign exceeded 32% and following it, sales shot up over 20%.


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