ViaHealth Human Care Branding Case Study

Branding Case Study


When four hospitals came together to form ViaHealth, the common thread of superiority versus the competitive health care system was the singular, deeply personal level of care each hospital delivered. Not to say that they didn't have a technological edge in certain areas, but the university-based competition was perceived as owning that position.

However, known as a teaching hospital first, the competition was perceived as cold and clinical— at any time you could be giving a front-row seat to a dozen or more interns and residents hovering around your bed. Clearly, the door was open to differentiate based upon quality of care. So, the decision was made to work first from our position of strength before taking them on head-on in specific areas where we could prove an advantage, like cardiac surgery.

Hence was born Human. Care. And an award-winning campaign that, over the course of three months, generated 72% awareness of the new hospital system name, ViaHealth, and tagline, "Human. Care." All from a baseline of zero. So successful in fact that the competitive system spent 12 times as much in the next year just to combat it.


Following the successful launch of the new ViaHealth brand, the challenge was to make the brand message tangible, relatable, linked directly to specific centers of excellence within the hospital system. The first two centers of excellence chosen were cardiac surgery and cancer treatment, along with a slightly more general message about overall physician excellence. Each ad in the campaign features a headline imbedded within the image tells a story with a unique human twist and copy educating consumers about the specific benefits of the highlighted center of excellence.


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